Kalajoki with its long beach and sand dune area “Hiekkasärkät” is a compact holiday area in Northern Finland situated at the seaside of the Bothnian Bay, 1,5 h drive south of Oulu airport via Route 8.
Kalajoki offers the perfect settings and services for single travellers and groups
dreaming of a break by the Finnish arctic bay.
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Kalajoki views and key facts


• Kalajoki Booking Centre is privately owned company, founded 2002
• DMC office in Kalajoki with full tour operator rights
• Programs and events can be arranged and tailored by a local operator and with a single invoice
• Almost 300 accommodation options in Hiekkasärkät sand dunes area
• Largest and most diverse selection of high-quality accommodation; holiday houses, villas, traditional Finnish cottages, apartments, hotel rooms
• Offers also local tourism activities, meeting and group services, transfers
• All areas meeting services and facilities bookable through Kalajoki Booking Centre

Requests and more info: Ms. Laura Kujala/ Sales
phone: +358-50-3765876

Welcome to Kalajoki – Arctic and adventurous seaside resort

Kalajoki Hiekkasärkät is a popular tourist destination in Finland. Hiekkasärkät are known especially from long sandy beach, sandy dunes, versatile services and activities by the beach and also of many events during summertime. When winter season begins usually in January, sandy dunes turns to snowy dunes and inland sea gets frozen. Purity of midwinter cleanse you on the sea ice, the white beaches and in the forests. Welcome to Kalajoki to enjoy winter fun at an arctic and adventurous seaside resort! Keep your eyes open at nightfall, as you might spot the beautiful northern lights.

Choose accommodation from Marina Resort self-service apartments or from Santa`s Resort & Spa Hotel Sani hotel rooms. Marina Resort design apartments are built 2022-2023. Every apartment has a glassed balcony facing the sea and a private sauna and kitchen. Smaller ones are perfect for a couple, bigger ones are with two bedrooms and are ideal for a family or for two couples. Marina Resort apartments are built and furnished in high-standard style. Santa`s Resort & Spa Hotel Sani hotel is full-service spa hotel with a sea view, instant access to the beach and nature trails, conference facilities, restaurant and bar.

Arctic islands and snowy forest experience in Kalajoki

Day 1 (Wednesday): Arrival To The Arctic Dunes, Kalajoki Hiekkasärkät
16:15 Arrival to Oulu airport
Transfer to Kalajoki by Saaga Travel
18:00 Arrival to the arctic sand dunes, Kalajoki Hiekkasärkät
Accommodating in Marina Resort`s apartments (Kalajoki Booking Centre) or in hotel (Santa`s Resort & Spa Hotel Sani)
(Shuttle to restaurant)
Dinner at Irish Gastro Pub Sandy Kelt

Day 2 (Thursday): Frozen inland sea and arctic islands experience at Rahja`s archipelago
8:30 Catering breakfast of local products in accommodation /Buffet breakfast at Santa`s Resort & Spa Hotel Sani

Shuttle to Rahja`s archipelago

The mesmerizing Rahja archipelago entices travellers to spend the day winter island hopping. There are some 100 islands and is located less than 10 kilometers from the Hiekkasärkät holiday resort, which makes it the perfect destination for a day trip. The archipelago is unique in Europe since it includes all types of habitat of the land uplift coast, from the sheltered forests of the inner archipelago to the open sea islands of the outer archipelago.

10:00 – 13:00 Frozen inland sea and arctic islands experience at Rahja`s archipelago:

Arctic island adventure – Feel the frozen atmosphere of arctic inland sea and tens of islands by its’ coast in Rahja Archipelago. The rushing waves have turned into ice beneath your feet to carry you from island to island. Sense the arctic winter, see the snowy trees and landscape of the untouched islands. During the right kind of weather, you have a chance to hear the ice forming and northern wind blowing the tingling snow and ice crystals.

Guided arctic E-fatbike safari on frozen inland sea. Tour will lead you from island to island. After winter biking a while, we will enjoy outdoor lunch on one of the island`s camp-fire and cup of hot and salty snack. Hear the tales of northern marine lifestyle, local nature and cultural history of the fishermen and seamen. After warming up, we are meditating by very Finnish way by ice-fishing on a frozen sea.

Shuttle back to the Hiekkasärkät

Tasty snack of local and seasonal treats waiting for you in your apartment / hotel room

(Shuttle to spa)

15:30 – 17:30 Time for spa visit or pampering treatments:
Relax in gentle steam of sauna, enjoy the spa`s bubbly hot tubs or take swim laps in the fitness pool. Access to spa is included in the price.

Pampering treatments from day spa like hot stone massage – a relaxing treatment from head to toes or warm chocolate massage, relaxing moment for everyone. Treatments available for extra charge.

19:00 Rustic Finnish à la carte dinner with selected wines at Bistro, Santa`s Resort & Spa Hotel Sani

Day 3 (Friday): Snowy forest adventure in Siiponjoki valley
8:30 Catering breakfast of local products in accommodation /
Buffet breakfast at Santa`s Resort & Spa Hotel Sani

Shuttle to Siiponjoki valley, Pleuna

10:00 – 13:30 Guided snowshoe safari in Siiponjoki river valley, Pleuna.  Feel beautiful, high pine forest above us in a beautiful daylight. Hear about our protected Siiponjoki area, land lifting in the area and different 4 seasons in our  nature. Warming up on campfire with cup of hot and tasting salty & sweety snack. Chance to test sliding snowshoes on snow.

Shuttle back to accommodation

Tasty snack of local and seasonal treats waiting for you in your apartment / hotel room.

16:30 Shuttle to Linnakallio, Alavieska

17:00-19:00 Linnakallio smoke sauna experience in (2h)

Guided local forest smoke sauna and ice swimming experience. Guide will tell about Linnakallio`s history and services, also sauna and ice swimming traditions in Finland, rituals and it`s beneficial on health and vitality to your health.

19:00 – 21:00 Tasty homemade dinner of Finnish Seasonal Flavors at Linnakallio

Shuttle back to accommodation, Kalajoki

Day 4 (Saturday): Departure day
8:30 Catering breakfast of local products in accommodation / buffet breakfast at Santa`s Resort & Spa Hotel Sani

10:00 Shuttle back to Oulu by Saaga Travel
Short break and snack in the historical wooden town of Raahe, beautifully restored Langin Kauppahuone that will introduce the Finnish merchandisers history. Chance to do some souvenir shopping of local traditional Finnish products.